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franchise. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. it's another tragedy for the nfl. one player is dead and another facing manslaughter charges. a fatal drunk driving accident. >> skid marks line the texas roadway where police say dallas cowboy josh brent lost control of his car killing a teammate. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. >> police say brent was driving drunk when he crashed his 2007 mercedes saturday morning. the lineman is charged with intoxication manslaughter for the death of 25-year-old jerry brown, a member of the team's practice squad. brown was unresponsive when they arrived. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> brent and brown were college teammates at the university of illinois. the two were reunited in october when the cowboys signed brown after the indianapolis colts released h
or police officers sent into a tactical situation. >> reporter: the gunman used a military style ar-15 and two other weapons legally bought by his mother. the nra released a statement saying it was shocked, saddened, and heart broken by last week's shooting. the nra is going to provide meaningful contributions to end the violence. >>> a student is caught planning an attack at a maryland high school. administrators say other students at laurel high school felt threatened by the teen on monday and reported him to their teachers. police believe this was a valid threat. they say the student had access to weapons and may have intended to hurt others. he is now at a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. >>> surprising new developments tonight in a case that captured the attention of the nation. the disappearance and murder of felicia barns. we have the new information that could help the suspect in this case. >> reporter: felicia barns was 16 years old when she disappeared from a sister's apartment in northeast baltimore two years ago. a nationwide search then ended when felicia's body was pu
they are out of touch, growing debates over the 2nd amend machine. >> >> thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. the nra sticks to its guns, refusing to allow gun control into the debate over how to stop the mass shootings. edward lawrence has the very latest tonight for "wjz." >> reporter: crowds packed the lone star gun show in fort texas as the gun control debate heats up. some say this is in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. >> i'm 100% for gun control, if someone would coming with gun control that makes sense and make makes a difference. but there is no such thing >> reporter: the organization is getting hammered for the proposal to put armed guards in schools. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police in our securing our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. i'll tell you what, the american people think it's crazy not to do it. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer said nothing should be taken off the table when talking about gun control. >> trying to prevent shootings in schools is like talking about trying to
for recreational use. >> one! >> and hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated outside the space needle in seattle. new stipulates that though you can use pot in washington, you still can't grow or sell it. >>> it's hard to imagine that weeks after hurricane sandy hit new york and new jersey, there are still people without power and some have not even been back to their homes. they're appealing to washington for help. we are in new jersey where it will take 10s of billions of dollars to rebuild. >> reporter: they're packing what they can salvage. >> 20 years of collectible cinderella stuff that my husband started collecting me for it ever since we started dating. >> reporter: their community took a direct hit from the storm which destroyed 80% of the town and left the famous boardwalk many many pieces. police chief thomas boyd says with federal help, the town will rebuild. >> seaside heights, we're never leaving. we're staying. >> reporter: the governor worked closely with president obama after the storm. now he's gone to washington to asked directly
: it was so hard for gerry because gerry was doing everything that bob used to do but by himself. he was touring with the company. keeping it alive keeping it funded. keeping the board members apprised. but there was a serious concern on the part of the board as to whether or not the company could flourish without robert joffrey. anawalt: for him to be told that he was not wanted as the director of the company was completely senseless on the part of those who were saying it. watts: we had a very long lunch. and gerry said he was being embattled. and i said, "gerry it's not worth the battle. it's not worth all of that acrimony," and i was trying to encourage him to walk away from such ugliness. anawalt: had he not been part of the company at that point, there is no way on god's good green earth it could have gone forward not as the joffrey. but fortunately gerry had a good section of the board that was on his team. once it became a public issue in the press gerry wound up in charge. anawalt: but when he assumed the role of artistic director, the reconstructions suffe
to do battle with their biggest rival, the u.s. military academy, army, which is located in new york. >> many of these guys will go out and serve. it's like brother against brother. >> reporter: this year's game will be played in philadelphia with but before that happens, they host their annual pep rally to pump up the team. they played more than stars and stripes. >> i can't wait to dominate army and have a final hoo-rah. >> it's exciting to go into the last army/navy game for our class. >> reporter: this will be the 113th meeting between the two teams. we continue an eyewitness news tradition for the pep rally, which explains this is a fire, this is fireworks, and this is fired up. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if you're keeping score, navy was won 56 of the games. army's won 49. they have tied 7. >> zeal we'll see what happens next. kai, thank you pup can see that great college football rivalry here on wjz. >>> coming up, a handyman kidnapped and forced to fix things. the bizarre case that put a california couple in jail and the motive behind.
outside of class and we were like, you want to grab a drink with us? he said no, i can't, i'm 17. >> reporter: he was also being home schooled at the time. he took 7 college-level courses, received several as in computer classes, and also one in american history. his overall gpa with 3.26. >> said he was sick and asked where the classroom was. when we walked in, she was getting his assignments from the teacher. >> reporter: her friends told scott pelley she told them adam has asperger's. >> he was on medication. she home schooled him at home because he couldn't deal with the school classes sometimes so she just home schooled adam at home. that was her life. >> reporter: ryan crab who baby sat for the lanza's when he was about 10 got a glimpse of how difficult he could be. >> i got instructions to never turn my back on him. >> reporter: his parents divorced in 2009. cbs news spoke to the mediator in that divorce. he says lanza's parents seemed to love him and wanted only the best for him. >> thank you. and on the first day of school since the shooting, some parents sent their chil
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7